Starter Motors

Starter Motors

A vehicle’s electrical system is incredibly complicated and has many intricate components. Hence, there are many issues that can occur over the car’s lifetime. At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we can fix and repair a range of electrical parts, including your car battery, alternator, and starter motor. For example, if you struggle to start your engine, it may not always mean a flat battery. Instead, it is worth looking at your starter motor to ensure it is in perfect condition. Our team of professionals can assess your vehicle and diagnose any problems with the starter motor.

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    The Functions Of A Car Battery

    As you turn the ignition key in your car, you are also turning on the starter. This component is connected to the engine, which then causes it to start running. When your starter isn’t working properly, the engine is affected. This means it may run with more difficulty or not at all. There are many reasons for starter problems, including electrical or mechanical failure or outright breakage from wear and tear.   

    Possible signs that suggest you may have a faulty starter motor include: 

    • Turning the ignition key into the start position, but nothing happens 
    • If all you hear is a click when you start your car
    • If the starter cranks very slowly 

    If you experience any of these problems, get in touch with our experts at Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical. Our team will find the best way to solve the issue and ensure your car is fully functional.

    Starter Motor Replacement

    A faulty starter will prevent you from safely starting your car. Therefore, if you are experiencing any problems, our team of automotive experts can determine whether a replacement is required. If we think that your car needs a starter motor replacement, then we will perform the following: 

    1. Disconnect the battery to prevent accidental shock 
    2. Raise the car off jack stands or a hoist 
    3. Disconnect the starter motor’s wiring 
    4. Unbolt the starter from its location at the flywheel 
    5. Fit in a new starter 
    6. Refit the wiring and lower the car to the ground

    Reconnect the battery and turn on the ignition to ensure proper operation

    Choose Our Team

    When you need your starter motor repaired or replaced, our professionals at Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical are the team for the job. With over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, we are dedicated to providing high-quality auto electrical repairs that keep you safe whenever driving your vehicle. In addition, we promise honest, upfront pricing with up to 12-month warranties on our services for your peace of mind. 

    There are many reasons as to why you should choose us as your starter motor professionals, including: 

    • A clean workshop 
    • Professional services 
    • A stress-free experience 
    • We ensure your vehicle performs at its best 
    • We diagnose and resolve a range of problems 

    For more information on the services we provide, get in touch with our team today.

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    Starter motors are essential when it comes to starting your engine. Without a perfectly performing starter motor, your car will not be able to move. Hence, when your vehicle is having trouble starting, it is best to get it checked by a team of automotive professionals. Our Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical team offers the very best in starter motor repairs and replacements. For more information on our starter motor services, contact us today on 0298220155.

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