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Green Valley Car AC Service

Is your car air conditioning system blowing hot air? Why suffer in the heat anymore when the experts of Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical is there for you? Schedule our car ac repair in Green Valley today and get the type of service you expect from us.

The ac unit of a car is often overlooked until and unless it malfunctions. It may be too late for even a simple troubleshooting procedure when you realise the problem. It is because your car air conditioning system is generally complex, unlike your household unit.

At Mt Pritchard Auto electrical, we provide complete car ac repair services, including radiator leak detection, freon recharge, hose replacement, water pump replacement, and much more. You can speak to our booking consultant to find out more.

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A car’s air conditioner functions like a cardio-vascular system. The compressor works like the heart pumps a refrigerant called freon throughout the ac unit. Freon is the combination of gas and liquid that causes air to cool on compressing.

Any leakage in systems, clogging in condensers, low level of refrigerants, or failure of compressors can damage your car ac. In addition, a malfunctioning car ac system can cause more expensive and extensive damage to your car’s engine and other components.

Therefore, if your car air conditioner is not working properly, it’s an intelligent decision on your part to get it checked professionally to avoid further damage. It also optimises your car’s efficiency and offers you a cost-effective solution in the long term. Thus, you can count on us for solving any complex car ac issue and get yourself on the road as soon as possible.


We are an expert car ac service provider. We use the latest scanner and diagnostic equipment to instantly determine the exact issue and provide the most appropriate solution. Hence, if you face trouble with your car air conditioner, you can contact our expert to seek a specialist service. We feel happy to help each of our customers to get out of the heat.

Our full range of auto air conditioner repair services includes:

  • Air purification
  • AC recharge
  • Humidity control
  • Optimum cooling performance testing
  • System’s air pressure checking AC lead troubleshooting
  • Air circulation control
  • Diagnostic service
  • Repair and replacement of different ac components
  • Pressure, Leak, and temperature testing
  • Many more


At Mt Pritchard, we have a team of experienced, licensed, and trained mechanics who focus on taking care of your car and your comfort. We are your one-point contact destination from general maintenance, repair, air purification, humidity control to diagnostic service. We believe that the health of your car relies on how regularly you seek professional servicing.

Therefore, we focus on providing preventive maintenance through our precise service to safeguard your system’s performance status and also your money. Though there are many reasons why you should choose our service, some of them are:

  • NRMA approved auto electricians – We are the only NRMA approved auto electricians and car air conditioning repair in Green Valley. We use the latest technology, tools, and diagnostic equipment to diagnose the most accurately. It helps us to solve the issue instantly.
  • Unmatched experience of above 50 years – We house a team of auto electricians having over 60 years of experience. It means we have a solution for each problem irrespective of its complexity level. Hence, you can rely on us for quality car ac repairs to keep your car safe and functional for a long.
  • Commitment to service excellence – We are committed to providing service excellence irrespective of our work’s nature and size. The reputed dealers of Australia supply the products or the spare parts we use. It ensures that your car performs at its best.
  • Upfront quotes – If you are concerned about your budget and want to have an idea about the service charges, you can contact us now. We provide reasonable, upfront quotes without any hidden charges.

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