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Air Intake System Repair

One of the main reasons for performance loss in diesel engines is due to clogging of the intake manifold with oil-vapour build-up. To ensure your system remains in pristine condition throughout its lifetime, you must clean the turbo crossover pipe and intake manifold every 50,000km. Air intake is essential for the operation of your vehicle. Therefore, at Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we will evaluate your air intake system and find the source of any air filtration problems. Our team of experts will carefully solve any issues you may be having.

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    The Purpose Of An Air Intake System

    The air intake system will allow clean air to enter the engine. It is technically just a passageway that allows for pure airflow. The intake system is comprised of various parts, including an air filter compartment, air filter, mass airflow sensor, throttle body, and intake manifold. When one of these components stops working, debris and dirt get into the engine and damage it.

    Our Services

    Electronic Fuel Injection Service & Repair

    The intake valves become severely coated with an oily residue at times, preventing the engine from breathing. This will result in decreased performance for the engine and will impact fuel economy. To clean the engine, we utilise special tools that will restore the lost performance of your engine and prevent any costly repairs. Usually, heavily contaminated intake systems can result in: 

    • Power loss 
    • Poor throttle response and uneven engine running 
    • High fuel consumption 
    • Difficulties starting up 
    • Poor or uneven idling 
    • Increased pollutant emission 

    Air Filter Replacement

    The most common air intake maintenance service is through an air filter replacement. Our team will replace your air filter after every third or fourth oil change; however, if you regularly drive on dirt roads, an air filter replacement will be needed more frequently. Replacing your air intake filter is the best thing you can do to ensure your engine is protected.

    Alternatively, other air intake system maintenance services could include disassembling the air intake system from the filter and performing a deep clean. At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we utilise our expertise and experience to properly care for your air filter and intake system. Hence, we remove all parts before they are cleaned to ensure no contaminants reach the engine.

    Signs Of A Failing Air Intake System

    There are many ways to tell when your intake system needs repairing or replacing. Some of these include: 

    • Reduction in engine performance 
    • Engine overheating 
    • Addition coolant is required 
    • Engine is stalling 
    • Noises are coming from the engine 
    • High fuel consumption 
    • Black smoke is being exerted 
    • Problems with the battery charging 
    • Engine won’t start or starts with great difficult 
    • Poor air conditioning performance 

    While many of these problems could be signs of other vehicle faults and problems, our team will inspect your car to determine the main source of the issue. We will then act accordingly and restore your vehicle to pristine condition.

    Air Intake System Repairs

    In addition to the services listed, we provide more comprehensive air intake system repairs. If warning lights or system faults lead to the discovery of dirty air intake sensors, then we can rectify the situation with the following: 

    • Carburetor tuning, repair, replacement, and rebuild 
    • Air charge temperature sensor replacement 
    • Air cleaner temperature sensor replacement 
    • Mass airflow sensor cleaning and replacement 
    • Throttle body replacement and repair 
    • Intake manifold replacement 
    • Air filter case replacement 

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