Power Windows

Power Windows

Faulty power windows can be a pain to deal with. When cars typically heat up in the hotter months, you may want to lower your windows and let the cold wind enter your vehicle. However, you may find that the switch that lowers your window does not work. This can cause a hassle that makes it harder to enjoy your vehicle. If you’re continually having trouble with your power windows, choose the Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical team for repairs, services, and replacements. With our years of experience in the automotive industry, we promise a clean workshop and professional services. Bring your car into our shop today and experience the difference for yourself.

Power Window Repairs And Window Switches

Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical are your power window experts. Our trained automotive professionals will first inspect your power window system to determine any simple fix problems. This includes dirty contracts or a faulty switch. By undergoing this process, we will ensure that you don’t waste money on replacing something that can be easily resolved. However, if your motor does need replacing, our professionals will replace it for you and ensure your system is up and running once again. With our team at Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we guarantee the finest quality parts and the most professional service for your repairs. Whenever you need your power windows assessed, choose our team for the job.

Spare Parts And Repairs

As part of our power window servicing process, we offer the following spare parts: 

  • Power window switches 
  • Power window motors 
  • Power window regulators 
  • Power window motor and regulator assemblies 

At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, our power window repair services are of the highest quality. Our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your power window system to ensure the issue is not due to a simple fault. Once completed, we will take the appropriate steps to restore the functionality of your power windows and ensure your car remains in pristine condition. In addition, we can even clean and replace power window controllers and relays and resolve any possible wiring problems.

Signs Of Power Window Issues

If you observe any of these problems, it is best to get your power windows evaluated: 

  • Your window does not open properly 
  • Your window does not close properly 
  • Your window works slower than usual 
  • Your window works faster than usual 
  • One of your windows stops working 
  • All your windows stop working 

Any clicking, squealing, and grinding sounds are also problems that could be connected to your electric window system. Malfunctioning windows can cause further problems with your car down the track and create an uncomfortable ride. Therefore, it is best to get them checked right away. Don’t delay when it comes to electric window repairs. Get in touch with our experts at Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical for the best services in the area.

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Due to advances in technology, a simple touch of a button can easily open and close your windows. However, with so many components making up your electrical system, your power windows may sometimes fail and stay closed or open no matter how many times your press the button. At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, our team will find the area of concern and repair it using the best method possible. For more information on power window repairs, contact us today on 0298220155

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