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If you are looking for car battery repair in Green Valley, you have found our NRMA approved workshop and the most capable repairer of the industry. At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we strive hard to earn your loyalty and trust. We know how vital it is to find a quality car battery service you can rely on. Hence, your safety and satisfaction is our top priority.

Our professional car battery service provides you with years of combined expertise from our well-trained staff. Our auto repair professionals are popular among our customers because of their skills and can-do attitude.

So, we can ensure that our team will save you time and money, making you confident while driving. When it comes to car battery service in Green Valley, we can ensure that Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical is the best option in town

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Many people believe that a car battery will last a lifetime, but the fact is different. Like any other battery, it also grows weaker and loses charges with every use. Hence, it requires regular check-ups and repairs. Moreover, a faulty battery may overload the alternator and can negatively affect the performance of your car’s electrical system. It may also impact your car’s security system and its shift interlock.

Therefore, if you want to maintain the quality of the electrical connections to battery posts, you will have to seek professional help regularly. It will help check the battery performance and also detect the underlying issue. As a result, you can replace it on time to get peak performance and reliability.

Therefore, if you suspect and fail to find out what’s wrong with your car battery, we will give an accurate diagnosis to get to the root of the problem.


As an NRMA approved auto electricians and car air conditioning repair, we invest in the latest diagnostic scanners and equipment to diagnose the issue. In addition, it enables us to interpret the fault or warning messages.

As a result, we create the exact solution and fix it instantly to get you back on your way quickly. Hence, you rest assured that your car is in the right workshop with the most capable repairer of the industry.

We are the specialist team of auto electrics and battery diagnostics. Therefore, you can reach us for replacement, maintenance, and repair of batteries starters, audio systems, alternators, security systems, general vehicle servicing, and many other issues.

Hence, when it comes to quality car battery repair in Green Valley, Mt Pritchard should be your first choice. We service all makes and models at highly competitive prices. Our qualified staffs are also popular for their excellent customer service.


We care for the safety of your car and use a high-quality battery to keep you confident and stress-free. As a reputed supplier of Century Battery, we offer our battery with a warranty. If you experience any problem after its replacement, we will repair or replace it instantly to compensate you for the loss.

With long years of professional experience under our belt, we have the required expertise that ensures that you will remain comfortable and stress-free while on the road. In addition, our expert team members and technicians are skilled enough to address any car battery problem in no time.

In addition, we pride our precise work, rich technical knowledge and years of practical experience that has made us gain a significant portfolio of satisfied and repeat clients.

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