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Do you feel that your car’s climate control system is not giving you the type of comfort you want while driving? If ‘yes’, then you may require professional car ac repair and maintenance service. Welcome to Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical for a complete range of car air conditioning services. 

We are NRMA approved team of auto electricians and car ac repair in Bonnyrigg. You can count on us for a full range of servicing, installation, repair, refitting, maintenance, and other services. We embrace the latest technology and have equipped our workshop with a modern scanner and diagnostic equipment to know the exact issue and solve it instantly.

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Regular servicing to all heating and cooling systems enhances its longevity and performance. If you provide professional servicing at a regular interval, you can detect the problem, if any, at its initial stage. It will help you save a large sum of money spent on costly repairs down the line. Moreover, you can keep on comfort driving while optimising the efficiency of car ac.

It will also improve the system’s longevity and save you from costly repair down the line. Therefore, addressing problems early on can help you in optimising the efficiency of your car’s climate control system, giving you a cost-efficient solution in the long run. 

At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we have gained enough expertise after servicing the industry for long years. Hence, we can solve all complex issues as easily as simple ones. Moreover, we invest in the latest technology and use advanced equipment to test and detect the problem instantly. Thus, it helps us provide the exact solution.  

Thus, you can contact us for complex ac repair, radiator or cooling system issues, a straightforward maintenance solution, or other car ac problems.


We repair and service car air conditioning systems of all brands. Hence, you can trust us to get your car ac in top condition this summer. Our specialist car ac repair and service include:   


  • Air purification  
  • Humidity control  
  • Optimum cooling performance testing  
  • System’s air pressure checking  
  • Air circulation control  
  • Diagnostic service  
  • Repair and replacement of different ac components  
  • Pressure, Leak, and temperature testing  
  • Many more 


We specialise in the auto electrical repair and maintenance of vehicles’ air conditioning and climate control systems, including world reputed brands and lesser-known models alike. In addition, we are a team of devoted specialists popular for delivering work excellence in each job we undertake.


At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, our specialist team work tirelessly to apply long years of experience and expertise in each car’s air conditioning repair, maintenance, and servicing. As a result, we can help you with the most reliable solution for all ac needs.

Our qualified and trained team uses over 50 years of experience to provide trustworthy and honest advice on your specific service requirement. Backed with responsive and reliable service, we cover the needs of both commercial and personal vehicle’s air control systems.

Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you require vehicle servicing, radiators and cooling system maintenance, car’s air conditioning, repair of ABS rakes systems, alarms, stereos, fuel injection or any other service; we have all for you.

Booking with us for any auto electrical repair or air conditioning service ensures that your system is taken care of by the industry-accredited team of experts. We believe in providing our services on the following core values:

  • Customer-centric approach
  • Most accurate diagnosis for quick repair
  • 12 months service warranty
  • Communication and care
  • Quality and innovation as key to success
  • Devotion to service excellence

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We deliver service excellence for everything your car needs to run smoothly and make you drive it comfortably. To find out more about our car ac service and repair in Bonnyrigg, Liverpool, Casula, Cabramatta, Green Valley or nearby suburbs, call us on 0298220155. You can use our easy online form to connect with us online and get a quote. 

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