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Are you having trouble with your car’s air conditioning system? If cooling functions aren’t working and you’re finding it difficult to keep cool inside your car, Pt Pritchard Auto Electrical can help. Over time, your AC system will need to be serviced to ensure it continues to run in optimal condition. Some problems you may be experiencing can include low pressure, which can easily be fixed by topping off your coolant. Alternatively, if your system is not working, we will find the source of the issue and replace it with a brand-new standard.

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    Our Air Conditioning Services

    Many things can go wrong with your car’s air conditioning system. During the colder seasons, many customers do not use their air conditioning. Often, this can cause internal seals to dry out, which may result in leaks. Turning off your air conditioner entirely during winter leaves condensation in the pipework. When combined with heat from the engine, bacteria and mould may surface. This leads to unpleasant smells and allergic reactions. 

    At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we recommend using air conditioning throughout the year for demisting windows. Most air conditioning systems will work even when the car’s heater is on, meaning you won’t have to face any significant faults when summer rolls around again. 

    Our standard air conditioning performance check services include: 

    • Diagnose and repair all air conditioning problems 
    • Remove and replace the filter unit 
    • Check the condition of the compressor and condenser unit 
    • Pressure test the system 
    • Leak test all components 
    • Installation of new units into all types of vehicles 
    • Eliminate bad odours from your air conditioner 
    • Repair climate control systems 

    Air Conditioning Servicing

    At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we recommend getting your air conditioner services every 12 months. This is to ensure your air-con continues to function properly as most systems will slowly lose gas through hoses, O-rings, and seals. Hence, your air conditioning system must be correctly maintained on a regular basis to avoid the risk of damage or even complete vehicle breakdown. 

    Whether you own a new or older vehicle, our team provides full-service air conditioning repairs to keep you cool during the hot summer months.

    When Does My Air Conditioning Need A Service?

    There are many signs to suggest when your car’s air conditioning is due for a service. This includes: 

    • Hot air blows from the vents even though you have the dial set to cold 
    • The air does not feel as cold or crisp as it used to 
    • Your air-con randomly blows colder wind than you indicated 
    • It makes a loud noise 

    If you find that your car is experiencing any of these problems, get in touch with our team at Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical today.

    Air Conditioning Leak Repair

    At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, our air conditioning technicians are highly trained and experienced to deal with any leaks in your vehicle’s AC system. Many air conditioning systems require internal lubrication to prevent cracking, as a crack will most likely lead to a leak. Avoid cracks in your system by running your air conditioner regularly, even when it is cold outside. For more information on maintenance and leak repair, contact our specialists today.

    Air Conditioning Anti-Bacterial Clean

    If you’ve had your air conditioner off for a while, you might notice that it doesn’t smell as fresh as it should. At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we can help to clean out your AC system and freshen up your car. For example, a blocked pollen filter may aggravate allergies for some people. Our team will repair air passages and check air conditioning lubricant to ensure this does not happen. This allows optimal protection against dust, pollen, and other harmful emissions.

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