Door Locks

Door Locks

Power window and door lock repair can seem challenging to solve. If you’re having trouble with your locks, this can significantly impact the safety and security of your car. Many different systems can cause power window or door lock issues – and each requires a different technique to be resolved. Hence, if you find that your window switches do not work or that you cannot lock or unlock your car with the button function, bring your vehicle into our repair warehouse. At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we will utilise our years of experience in the industry to assess your power windows and door locks and ensure they are readily repaired.

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    Car Locks And Central Locking Systems

    Problems with your car locking system must be taken care of before they escalate and become a bigger inconvenience. This includes if your locking system has intermittent problems or if your key is getting stuck in the door and becoming incredibly hard to turn. At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we have the experience to repair almost all locking systems, including advanced keyless entry systems and manual central locking systems. We will evaluate the state of your vehicle and diagnose any problems before beginning a complete car lock repair service.

    Door Lock Services

    Our door locking services cover the following components and features:

    Central Locking Pumps

    A problem with the central locking pumps can mean your car is left defenceless and completely open when unattended. Usually, vacuum door failure is due to a leaking actuator. The actuator is the part of your car responsible for operating the actual door locks. As your car ages, it is crucial that you pay attention to your door locks and ensure that they respond how they should. At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, our team can replace and repair central locking pumps for greater performance.

    Wiring Looms

    If wiring difficulties within your car has caused the locking system to malfunction, then our team at Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical can provide you with an easy fix. A wiring loom is an assembly of wires which transmits signals or electrical power. This will affect your automatic door locking system. Hence, we provide wire harness repairs to restore your car’s locking functionality.

    Door Modules

    A door module is placed inside the doors and will manage the actuators in the driver or passenger door. They are directly connected to a switch panel that controls central locking, window winders, and more. To ensure you have ultimate control of your car, your door modules must be in optimal condition. Our Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical team will assess your car and make the appropriate repairs and changes.


    An immobiliser is an electronic device situated in your car that prevents the vehicle from starting unless the correct key is used. This is incredibly important for security reasons as it ensures the safety of your car when left unattended. If you find that the transponder chip in your smart keys no longer works and is damaging the immobiliser in your vehicle, get it fixed by our experts today.

    Car Key Programming

    Many advanced car keys have a transponder chip built-in which pairs up with the immobiliser in your car. Without this chip, your car won’t start, and therefore, simply getting a new key from a standard locksmith will not be sufficient. At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we utilise our car key programming services to help you overcome your vehicle lock issues and enhance the security of your car.

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    Are you having trouble with the door locks on your car? If you’re looking for car lock enhancements, bring your vehicle to the experts at Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical. For more information on car lock repairs and services, contact us today on 0298220155

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