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Car Batteries Diagnosis

Car Batteries

Your car battery is the single source of energy for all electrical parts in your vehicle. While it is widely known that the car battery provides energy to the ignition, it is also important to note that all other electrical equipment in the car relies on the battery too. Therefore, you must have a fully functional battery in pristine condition. At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, our team of professionals will perform repair, maintenance, and replacement services to ensure your car battery is up to date and safe to use. Get in touch with us today to get your car battery checked by our team of vehicle experts.

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    The Functions Of A Car Battery

    A car battery performs many functions, including providing power to the starter motor, ignition system, fuel system, and all other electrical components. To achieve optimal performance every time you drive your car and avoid potential damage to its electrical system, you must keep your battery in good condition. 

    We provide the following services to ensure your battery remains in optimal condition:

    • Checking the alternator belt tension 
    • Checking the wear of the alternator belt 
    • Checking the electrolyte level in your battery 
    • Tightening any loose clamps and terminals 
    • Removing corrosion

    What Causes Car Battery Problems?

    • Vibrations from severe off-road driving, which erodes the car battery plates 
    • A lack of use – if a vehicle is parked for long periods and only driven a short distance, the battery will stop working 
    • Overcharging the car battery can shorten its life
    • Overuse – leaving your car lights on if your engine is not running

    While these causes will require a new battery, knowing when a change is needed is important. Typical signs include:

    • Warning lights on the car’s dashboard 
    • Hearing only a ticking sound when trying to start your vehicle 
    • The wrong voltage or an issue with your alternator

    While car batteries typically last between 3-5 years, flat or damaged batteries are the top cause of roadside breakdowns. Hence, to ensure your vehicle remains in pristine condition, our experts will inspect your cat battery and inform you whether it is time for a replacement.

    Our Services

    At Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical, we are committed to repairing and servicing all components of your vehicle. Therefore, when it comes to your car battery, our specialists will take their time to examine your system and find any potential faults. We offer two main services for car batteries, this includes:

    Car Batteries Diagnosis

    Battery Diagnostics

    Our team will assess your car’s battery and evaluate the entire system through battery diagnostics. This consists of: 

    • Testing the vehicle’s starting and charging system components 
    • Using testing equipment to check the cranking amp capacity of the battery 
    • Testing the electrical draw of the starter 
    • Testing the electrical output of the alternator
    Car Batteries Diagnosis

    Battery Replacement

    Our team offers comprehensive battery replacement services if your battery has completely died or is not working the way it should. This includes: 

    • Visual inspection of the battery 
    • Using test equipment to check the cranking amp capacity 
    • Removing the old battery and replacing it with a new one 
    • Battery replacement for almost all vehicle makes and models

    We promise high-quality repairs for all vehicles with our years of experience in servicing and replacing car batteries. To get your car battery assessed by our professionals, get in touch with us today

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