Engine Lights

Engine Lights

Engine lights can give you great insight into what’s going in inside your vehicle. Every car comes with an onboard computer diagnostic system (OBD) that constantly monitors your vehicle’s operations. Hence, it will continually analyse the status of your car’s exhaust system, gas tan, transmission, and other elements. This ensures that your vehicle operates smoothly and does not cause any potential hazards when driving. When a problem or fault is detected, your check engine light will come on to warn you of the problem. Hence, you should not keep driving if any dashboard light appears. Instead, get your car checked by the Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical professionals. We will diagnose the problem and perform an easy repair or replacement of whatever part is needed. Get in touch with us today for more information on engine lights and services.

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    What Does Each Engine Light Mean?

    Many different warning lights can appear on your dashboard. They all mean different things and will require their own fix. It is important that you are aware of what each one means so that you can seek the proper repair services.

    Oil Pressure Warning Light

    The light for your oil pressure should illuminate when the ignition is switched on and disappear when the engine starts. However, if this light stays on after starting your car or pops up during your journey, you must stop immediately, switch off the engine, and check the oil level as it will most likely be low. If you are struggling with an oil leak, our team can provide an easy fix.

    Battery Charge Warning Light

    If you see this warning light pop up while driving or if it does not turn off after the engine has started, then there is likely a fault with the charging system. If you’re having trouble with the charge of your battery, talk to our team at Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical today.

    Brake System Warning Light

    The light for your brake system should stay illuminated when the handbrake is engaged. If it continues to stay illuminated after releasing the handbrake, this may indicate a low brake fluid level. Our team can check your brake fluid level to ensure there is no rapid loss.

    Engine Management Warning Light

    If this warning light illuminates while the engine is running, there is a malfunction with your engine management system. You must get this checked as soon as possible. If you are driving and the warning light flashes, you must immediately reduce your vehicle’s speed and avoid heavy acceleration. You can also stop the vehicle, switch off the engine, and restart it to reset the engine management system.

    ABS Warning Light

    If your ABS warning light turns on while you are driving, this indicates a malfunction in your system. You must have this checked right away. In some cases, normal braking without ABS can be maintained for some cars – however, this is not the case for others. Bring your vehicle into our repair shop, and our team of experts will find the source of your braking problems and apply an appropriate fix.

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    Understanding engine lights and what they mean for your car can be essential for day-to-day vehicle use. Our team ensures that you stay safe every time you step into your vehicle. Therefore, if you have engine lights flashing that you don’t know how to fix, then bring your vehicle to the experts at Mt Pritchard Auto Electrical. For more information on engine lights, contact us today on 0298220155

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